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America, You’re an Idiot

October 31, 2007


So my (Cheetah) girl, Sabrina Bryan, and her handsome partner, Mark Ballas, got VOTED OFF Dancing with  the Stars. WTF times a trillion. I found out the worst way too. On I couldn’t watch the show last night as I was out in Dupont enjoying D.C.’s annual High Heel Race. Frankly, I’m pissed. Really pissed. Like throwing chairs pissed. Like Natalie “I’m bustin’ dudes mouths like gushers motherfucker” Portman pissed.

Sabrina was a big part of why I watched this season in the first place (next to Mel B cos she’s awesome t00). I mean no slight to Marie Osmond but are we for real? Viewers, Marie, is all better now. She even said fainting isn’t anything new. Jennie Garth is blah. I understand Jane Seymour has been having a rough week but this is a dancing show.

Ugh. I’m too pissed to complete this rant. Fine. Whatever.

This is for all you haters. Look what you will miss out on. IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT.

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