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Pumpkin Scones

December 5, 2007

My old boss used to order the most complicated drink from Starbucks: a grande chai, water, steamed blah blah blah with something blah blah. Seriously, if I was the one at the counter running up her order, I’d look at her like she was the ghost of bloody Christmas fucking past. Every time we would make Starbucks runs, she’d have to write her order down so that I could read off the Post-It note. Surprisingly, the people at Starbucks never seemed all too phased when I read out the order. They’ve most likely heard worse.

Anyway, the boss lady always came to the office with her Starbucks drink and a pumpkin scone. Her drink meant nothing to me but, damn, did that scone. I never heard of a pumpkin scone until I saw her chomping away on one during an office meeting whilst downing it with her chai. Unlike me who eats her Starbucks food straight out of the bag, crumbs all over the place, my boss would place her pumpkin scone on a little paper plate, heat it up in the microwave for 15 seconds, and then cut it into little bite-sized portions.

I now know why she did that.

A couple days ago I bought my first Starbucks pumpkin scone. As much as I was tempted to eat it while walking to the office, I decided to hold off. Once I got in, I took the scone out of the bag, placed it on a paper plate, heated it up for 15 seconds, and then settled myself at my desk with my scone and coffee within easy reach. I then cut my scone into small portions and took a bite of the first pumpkin scone piece…

Now I don’t know about you but I’m going to go out and say that those Starbucks pumpkin scones are the shit. For real. And I don’t really even eat Starbucks food. I feel guilty for getting a drink alone. Drink and food? You must be rolling in the dough. That or have the metabolism of Celine Dion.

I can’t imagine eating them without heating them up. First off, the consistency of these scones is slightly different from your usual scone. Instead of being a bit dry and crumbly, these scones have a texture that this dude over here described as “a confection halfway between cake and bread.” (P.S. This guy thinks thinks the pumpkin scones are lame…I guess). Now, that texture may not be the proper texture of a scone, but for someone who is not a scone expert and generally will eat anything unless it tastes it good (I don’t food discriminate — that’s unheard of), that sure is an A+ scone.

Heating up the scone makes all the difference. Imagine eating a cold, slightly dry cake versus eating a warm, somewhat moist cake. Which is the better cake? The latter, of course. Oh, and I can’t leave out the glaze. That glaze on top with the fancy zig-zag drizzle? When it’s all gooey and gets all sticky on your fingers and you have to catch the goo with your tongue? Mmmm, that’s yummy. Plus, the sweet glaze is also a good compliment to the spiciness of the pumpkin and nutmeg. The dry (cake) and wet (glaze) balance real nicely.

This is a really blurry picture that I stole from someone while Googling “pumpkin scones Starbucks.”


The picture does no justice but, believe me, if you’re looking for a good holiday treat, I highly recommend these pumpkin scones. And, yes, cut them into bite-sized portions because you’ll want to savor them to the last crumb.

Starbucks pumpkin scones: somewhere between $1.75 to $1.80. Yeah, yeah, that’s nearly $2 but it’s Starbucks, what did you expect?

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  1. Melissa permalink
    January 11, 2008 2:43 am

    Holy cow, Genny. I was just thinking the same thing recently. Pumpkin scones ROCK! My first pumpkin scone was experienced on my way to Kaplan a few months ago… so cakelike, you almost have to feel guilty (almost).

    The bad side? I ate too many, and now I’m pumpkin sconed-out.

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