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Built By Wendy

June 6, 2009

Hullo Interworld!(<—Does that make sense? Interworld? Is this a futile attempt at combining the words “Internet” and “world” for cool and quirky effect, i.e. “Interwebz?”)

I am not sure who still updates themselves with this blog as I myself haven’t blogged in ages. *Cough cough* Argh, are those moth balls in my mouth? Ewww, I think I just ran into a months old spider web. I HATE the musty smell of attic. Time to clean up!

Every time I come back to blog, I always promise my 1.5 readership that I’ll be better at updating. However, as my blogging patterns suggest, my promises are rather empty and soulless. So, I will refrain from making any “I promise to update weekly” remarks and stick to simply “I’ll update when I feel like it.” Although…I am trying to be more disciplined about my writing so perhaps making promises to update weekly will help me…? Ugh, too much thinking. This is a BLOG.

Anyway, the reason why I’m blogging now is because I discovered the neatest thing and I have some time on my hands to share the neat thing I found! While I’d update my Twitter or Facebook status to say something like, “OMG, check this out! <insert web link here>,” or “I THINK I’VE FOUND MY NEW HOBBY <insert web link here>”, those features do not have the word capacity to ramble on about why I love this neat thing and how it’s “inspired” me to try to go DIY (I know, please don’t barf. I can’t believe I said that either but it’s recession times SO!).

Several months back I found out about a clothing line called Built By Wendy. The clothes are super cute in a girly but tomboyish way which I’ve realized is totally my style when it comes to everyday wear. They also have a 1950s feel, as if Wendy the designer used patterns from grandma’s sewing kit and, of course, “updated with a modern twist.” Ladies fashion magazines sure do love those phrases, huh?

I’m totally digging the look below, specifically that shirt. Effortlessly casual but a touch dressy. It’s a look that can be dressed up or down, a look that is gold for someone as practical and protective of her pocket as me.

While I love the clothes, my concern is how they would look on my short and roly body. I am not lithe and do not have a willowy frame and yet it seems these kind of clothes look best on that body type. Zut. You can imagine then how ecstatic I was when I found out Wendy has a sewing book and sewing patterns, perfect for customizing and tailoring her style of clothing to suit many body types.

Check it:

“[Wendy] gives readers everything they need to know to begin sewing and provides step-by-step instructions and patterns directly from her studio. She explains how to customize everything from the fit to the pockets so readers can create a thousand different looks using the same three basic patterns. These ideas will inspire readers to rethink and revamp their old clothes to make unique, custom fashions.”
The sewing patterns sell for $14.95 on the site but you can buy them at nearly half off at Simplicity Patterns. There are patterns for coats and jackets, tunics, pants, dresses, skirts, EVERYTHING.
I’m no fashionista and am not ahead of the fashion curve by any means but I have yet to hear of any designer doing something like this. That’s awesome. I can’t wait to start buying patterns and fabric. This may turn into summer project 2009. Will post results as they come!
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